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Welcome to the about us page in Dalgano, personally and representing team writers who discuss the basics of cooking, culinary, desserts, advising on your travels in Indonesia as tourism and recommended destinations (nature, city, or culinary must-visit ), so that the presence of this site can prepare you to enjoy a pleasant holiday in Indonesia country. is the name of the URL branding domain on the blogger platform, which we jointly manage (Netgenz Co.) as an Internal Publishing Team, we believe that the experience of writing on blogger since 2009 provides knowledge in the form of description and practicality. experience, besides opening a small food stall business, the author is also a micro start-up employee, namely in the field of IT services and online marketplace business in one city in East Java, the author is also a freelancer who works online and offline, here is the location of our business map you can find on the contact page.

If this website is well developed, we will receive anything constructive (positive vibes). It does not rule out the development of the flow of internet technology as an information medium to find interesting ideas about the online world, in the future, we have the idea to work together to find content creators in each country who better understand the local culture.

But at least the presence of the dalgano site as a beginner at this time provides a little information about culture, special foods, and so on in Indonesia, humbly, I hope all the content on this site can be useful for anyone who finds this site as a food reference or just looking for information. and entertainment.

Finally, hopefully as a founder

We hope that the presence of the "Dalgano" site can spark more enthusiasm in working and writing to develop business and provide useful information because our writing uses a lot of everyday languages, we apologize if there are errors in writing words or sentences, or vocabulary.

We believe that blogger media as the basic hosting for our site development gives us comfort in working and presenting information, Greetings from our success, and hopefully this site can provide useful information for readers.